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    advertising are available for YOUR

  • NOVA PUBLIC MEDIA offers the only
    broadcast source for Classical Music
in the entire Heartland

  • Until several years ago, Heartland radio
    listeners who enjoyed classical music might  be
    able to hear it on the west coast  NPR stations...
    if atmospheric conditions allowed reception of
    those distant stations here.  Then, NPR made
    a decision to scrap their classical programming
    in favor of their current excellent news

Consequently, Heartland people were left   
without a classical music station.  

This led the Sebring not-for-profit
Public Media
to launch Our Classical  
.  (So named by our trustees who  
believed that it was a wise choice....  If   
someone were to walk up to a listener and
ask, "Where is that great music broadcast
coming from?"  The answer would simply
and definitively be, "Oh, that's
Classical Station

  • Using state-of-the-art digital technology,
    Sebring's NOVA Public Media (NPM) makes   
    it possible to listen to HD classical music
    instantly on any device, including laptops,
    tablets, smart phones, "smart cars", and   
    home theater systems

  • Clear, reliable reception 24/7

  • We are available to over 450,600 listeners      
    in Highlands, Polk, Hardee, DeSoto, Hendry,
    Glades, and Okeechobee counties

  • Additionally, we may be considered to be      
    the primary Classical broadcast service in
    Orlando, which has only a barely listened        
    to HD2 channel

  • We serve listeners in 98 Heartland area  
    codes, all with crystal clear reception, and
    push-of-a-button simplicity

  • Our Classical Station is the smart choice       
    to reach sophisticated, upscale consumers     
    in the Heartland.  The station offers a very
    affordable and practical advertising option     
    for businesses wishing to connect with a
    sophisticated audience of people with high
    discretionary incomes

  • To discus options, please call General
    Manager Tom Oie, who will be happy to    
    assist you.   863-633-9298
About Us

Our Classical Station's
local announcers, news
programming, community
announcements, and  
weather updates originate
Nova Public Media in
Sebring.  This wonderful
music is brought to you    
here in Florida through
a digital link provided by   
NOVA Public Media.

As you  listen, you may
from time to time hear an
announcement in an
European language.  
This is due to the source
Audiophile Stream
Network providing this
music to Europe,
Scandinavia, the Greek
Islands, etc.  Globally,
listeners may also opt to
simply click the link
provided here in Florida  
Our Classical

Thank you for joining us
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Classical-only Channel, Heartland
All Classical music, all the time,   
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